Darcie Peet

Prince William Sound, Alaska

“For me, this is a painting of “sound.”  Even in May the daylight in Alaska is already lasting well past 10 PM.  Our small-boat, naturalist-led cruise is headed out of Seward, Alaska, to explore Prince William Sound.  As we leave the port, numerous, fine, thread-like waterfalls tumble from soaring peaks occasionally disappearing in and out of the clouds and mist.  So high, we cannot even see the point of origin, they seemingly “Fall Forever” creating a “sound delay” as the water crashes into Prince William Sound.  Layered on top of the distant sound of the water, literally thousands of gulls soar, swoop, dive or cling to rocky cracks and ledges calling, screeching and yacking at each other…  a cacophony of all sorts of unharmonious sounds, but definitely awe-inspiring.” Darcie Peet


“Fall Forever – Prince William Sound, Alaska”
Darcie Peet
Oil  30″ x 15″


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Darcie Peet "Fall Forever" waterfall lake high mountain western lake oil painting framed


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Darcie Peet artist photography photographing high mountain lake reference
Darcie Peet collecting painting reference




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