Joe Garcia Lazy Days watercolor cat lynx bobcat wildlife painting

Joe Garcia biography:

A teacher of wildlife painting in California, Joe Garcia focuses on animals and patterns of light and shadow and is especially interested in depicting birds.  He is very disciplined in his working habits, spending eight to five daily in his studio with a break for lunch. He says: “To me, every day is an art day.”

His studio is close to his house in Southern California, and he lives with his wife of more than thirty years, Anne, who does the framing for his paintings in an adjoining studio.

Joe is a native Californian who was born in Escondido and grew up on a small ranch near San Diego where he became aware of wildlife in their habitats. He spent much time surfing off the San Diego Coast, especially with his son as his son was growing up.

At the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, he studied advertising and illustration and worked as a graphics illustrator. Before committing to art, he studied geography and geology at Palomar Community College and then transferred to San Diego State University. Unable to handle the mathematics and wanting to pursue serious art study, he had help from his art instructor, James Hulbert, in putting together a portfolio which he used for entry at the Art Center College of Design. Garcia gives Hulbert a great deal of credit for the positive direction of his career.

He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and then took a job as a magazine illustrator followed by a graphic designer position for the city of San Diego. In 1983, he became a full-time artist.

Joe Garcia has been honored as Artist of the Year by Trout Unlimited, California Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited and the National Wildlife Federation for whom he has designed greeting cards. He much appreciates those organizations for giving him exposure to the public and exhibition opportunities.

Mostly Garcia is focused on creating originals as he believes the limited edition print market has gotten out of control, and that spending time mailing these items is a waste of his efforts. He wants to spend most of his time painting rather than ‘packing and shipping’.


Available painting:

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Joe Garcia Lazy Days watercolor cat lynx bobcat wildlife painting

“Lazy Days”
Joe Garcia
Watercolor  11″ x 29″

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