Larry Fanning Elk and Doe wildlife landscape oil painting

Larry Fanning biography:

Known for large wildlife such as buffalo, elk and antelope in landscape as well as western scenes with cowboys, Larry Fanning, began his art career as a commercial illustrator. He says he was born knowing that he wanted to be an artist, but for many years submerged his unique creativity in fine art for his illustration work.

Fanning was born in Kansas where he was raised in Wichita.  As a young man, he was a competitive wrestler, becoming Kansas State Champion in high school, which earned him a wrestling scholarship to Kansas State University.  He studied some liberal arts but took no formal art classes.

Then he moved to Santa Monica, California where he took a job in the public relations unit of Boeing Aircraft.   Of this he said:  “My art talent was used to try and sell bombers to the Air Force.”  He also did commission work for Hallmark Cards and Mattel Toys, and for two years, had a call-in radio show.

Seeking a spiritual quest of trying to enrich his life, he immersed himself for nearly two decades in religious ministry, and traveled giving motivational talks.  However, he decided that he was not following the advice he gave to others, which was ‘follow your dream’.  He put a portfolio of his paintings together, which led to gallery representation and to sales, and that gave him confidence to pursue the fine-art painting he wanted to do.

In 1988, Larry Fanning moved to Evergreen, Colorado, where he met his wife, Wanda at a dance class.  She gave up her law practice in order to manage the marketing side of his career.  He has found his subject matter in the Rocky Mountains where their home on the Front Range overlooks Loveland Pass.

Fanning is much committed to the idea that to be a successful artist, do not sit back and think the world is going to come to you.  You need to produce quality work and then make sure that the public becomes aware of it.



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Larry Fanning Elk and Doe wildlife landscape oil painting

“Elk And Doe”
Larry Fanning
oil   40″ x 40″
Was: $12,500
NOW: $9,000

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