Craig Pursley Cowgirl Livia western oil painting


“This is a very unique young lady who I met in Arizona at an art show when she came to my booth. As we talked, I could tell she was way beyond her 16 years in terms of knowledge of art. I did something I NEVER do. I asked if she had pictures of her own work on her phone. Her mom did and showed them to me. I was amazed. She was the best artist under 20 I had ever seen. I painted her early on and started to get to know her better and found she was a teen with a 60-year-old’s mind (but way sharper than mine)! Her interests are TV westerns from the 60s and 70s, movies going back to the 30s and rock music from my era, the legends of which are her favorite subjects to paint. And she knew it all! Almost impossible to stump on trivia. And she loves art. She is one of the easiest people to talk to I have ever known and she has become like a granddaughter to me. She and her mom have come to visit us in NH and her mom refers to her as “Catnip for old people.” On that visit, we went through my attic and picked out some western outfits for another painting, resulting in this one. The hat, by the way, is hers and she wears it all the time. At 18, she took a portrait workshop of mine and was the most advanced student I have ever had. I hardly knew what to suggest to her in her work!”   Craig Pursley


“Retro Cowgirl Livia”
Craig Pursley
Oil  24″ x 24″


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Craig Pursley Cowgirl Livia western oil painting




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