Bob Robert Scriver Three Bears wildlife bronze sculpture


Bob Scriver biography:

Bob Scriver was an elected member in both the Cowboy Artists of America organization and the National Academy of Western Art.  He was a member of the Salmagundi Club and was accepted for membership in the National Sculpture Society.

Scriver created heroic sculptures in Montana of the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and in Wyoming of the legendary Buffalo Bill.  His Cowboy works include a heroic work of Bill Linderman at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma and his “Rodeo In Bronze” series, one of four belonging to the Devonian Institute in Canada.

Scriver was commissioned to do such pieces as a Montana Trapper and belt buckle for the Montana Historical Society to help raise funds to purchase the C.M. Russell painting, When the Land Belonged to God, which raised $96,000.00.

In 1981, for the Winchester Arms Company, he was also commissioned to do a famous logo called, The Winchester Rider.  This set a new record for contemporary sculptors with gross sales totaling over one million dollars.  This edition of 250 was completely sold out in 30 days from the time of National advertising.

Scriver’s art depicts a sense of freedom that has been lost by the Indian and is seemingly being lost by the cowboy.  The Late Dr. Harold McCracken, Director Emeritus of the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, was quoted in the forward of Scriver’s book NO MORE BUFFALO as calling Scriver: “America’s foremost sculptor today-bar none”.

Scriver died January 29,1999.  He has left behind him stories, and dreams of the West….in bronze.


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Bob Robert Scriver Three Bears wildlife bronze sculpture

“Three Bears”
Bob Scriver
Bronze #40/110
9″ H x 13″ W x 10 1/2″ D

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