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Still Life - Private Collection

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“Southern Cheyenne Dress” Chuck Sabatino

      “Southern Cheyenne Dress” Chuck Sabatino Oil   60″ x 42″ $16,000 (Click image to enlarge) Read additional information about Chuck Sabatino.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email us  

“Plum & Roses” Jean Chambers

  “I did this one as a challenge.  The challenge was to see if I could make an acrylic still life look as good as...

“Tonette’s Heirloom Bowl” David Riedel

  "Tonette's Heirloom Bowl" "This piece is using Tonette's heirloom bowl that survived Hurricane Katrina, and the Peonies are an heirloom type from Tonette's new Portland...

“Peonies And The Seine” Daniel Gerhartz

  "As I gathered these white and pink peonies, I was so taken by their beauty. Their creamy white and pink hues reminded me of...

“Vase With Apples” David Riedel

"Vase With Apples" "This orange rug is from Tibet, it creates a marvelous, high energy world for the green vase and the even brighter green...

“Lanterns” David Riedel

"Lanterns" "I keep shelves, and storage space in the studio in a state of creative disarray. The blue enamel pot creates a dynamic with its...

“Red Pears” David Riedel

"Red Pears" "I was interested in the color of the fruit and wanted to balance the whites with that."  David Riedel   (Click images to enlarge) “Red Pears" David...

“Tools” David Riedel

"Tools" "I have always admired the rich patina on old tools. The blue metal along with some orange rust, the brass colors and the oiled...

“Blue Enamel” David Riedel

"Blue Enamel" "I keep shelves, and storage space in the studio in a state of creative disarray,  the blue enamel pot creates a dynamic with...

“Kindred Spirit” Gayle Nason

"Kindred Spirit" Gayle Nason Oil  16" x 26" Was: $5,500 NOW: $4,950 (Click images to enlarge)   Read additional information about Gayle Nason.     Interested in this painting, call us 602-730-2451 or email...

“Anasazi” Cheryl English

"Anasazi" Cheryl English Oil  6" x 8" $950 (Click images to enlarge)   Read additional information about Cheryl English.     Interested in this painting, call us 602-730-2451 or email us  

“Autumn Of The Ancients” Robert Peters

"Autumn Of The Ancients" “The ancient peoples of the Southwestern United States, known today as the Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloans, have been an inspiration to...

“Apple Blossoms” Timothy R. Thies

  "Apple Blossoms" Timothy R. Thies Oil   8″ x 18″ $4,000   (Click image to enlarge)     Read additional information about Timothy R. Thies.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360...

“Two Spoons” Nancy Guzik

  "Two Spoons" Nancy Guzik Oil   8″ x 20″ $5,000   (Click image to enlarge)     Read additional information about Nancy Guzik.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email...

“Clock With Lemons” Jean Chambers

"There’s something about a clock in a still life which is kind of timeless.  I love finding interesting clocks and adding them to the...

“Tea Time” Jean Chambers

"This still life has some of my favorite things, tea, flowers and leaves.  It’s more about the design than the items and it was...

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“Kettle With Oranges” Jean Chambers

"My still lifes really aren’t about the things in the still life but the overall design. How I can make things fit into a...

“Midewiwin On Otter Skin Bag” Marianne Millar

Marianne Millar  "Midewiwin On Otter Skin Bag" One society that was influential among the Great Lakes tribes of the Ojibwa, Potawatomi, Menomini, Winnebago, Sauk, Mesquakie,...

“Sioux Blanket Strip” Marianne Millar

  “Sioux Blanket Strip Circa 1890” Marianne Millar Acrylic mixed media   60″ x 14″ Was: $3,500 NOW: $1,750 (Click images to enlarge) Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email...

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