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“The Moment” Hsin-Yao Tseng

  “The Moment” "In The Moment, I was trying to capture the moment of this beautiful lighting on the little girl. I decided to treat the...

“Apache Tribe Man” Cyrus Afsary

“Apache Tribe Man” Cyrus Afsary Oil   16″ x 12″ $8,000 (Click image to enlarge)   Read additional information about Cyrus Afsary.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email us  

“Backlit” Quang Ho

  Available painting: Click on images to enlarge. "Backlit" Quang Ho Oil 12" x 16" $2,500 Read additional information about Quang Ho.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email us

“Cloche Or Fascinators” Hsin-Yao Tseng

“Cloche Or Fascinators” "I had my friend, Nicole, trying on hats and shopping around my favorite hat shop, Goorin Bros in San Francisco. I am...

“Control” Hsin-Yao Tseng

“Control” "Control is part of my Disconnect series. It’s a collection of paintings, which offers moments to reflect on our current lifestyle, and the ever...

“Guarding Sorolla” Hsin-Yao Tseng

“Guarding Sorolla” "Joaquin Sorolla has always been one of my favorites artists. This is a scene from the Hispanic Society museum in New York. Surrounded...

“Breaking Away” Daniel Gerhartz

"As I worked with this model in developing the composition, I was struck by how telling the elements represented in a small way the...

“In The Company Of Kids” Daniel Gerhartz

"This dear friend has been the subject in many of my paintings over the years.  This work depicts her as she truly is, going about...

“Janice” Nancy Guzik

  "Janice" Nancy Guzik Oil   14″ x 12″ $5,500   (Click image to enlarge)     Read additional information about Nancy Guzik.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email us...

Mian Situ

Mian Situ biography: Mian Situ was born in southern China. His youthful surroundings would be a great resource for future paintings. Mian studied art at...

“Whirling Logs” Marianne Millar

Marianne Millar  "Whirling Logs" The universe, according to the Navajo, is a delicate balance between many powerful forces, each with the potential for both good...

“Child Of The Salish” Marianne Millar

Marianne Millar  "Child Of The Salish" The Columbia Plateau lies between the Rockies and the Cascade Mountains of  Washington and Oregon and runs north into...

“Good Woman” Marianne Millar

Marianne Millar  "Good Woman" The Nez Perce lived in the Plateau region of what is now northwestern U.S. and southwestern Canada.  They specifically ranged from...

“Thunder Rolling Over The Mountains” Marianne Millar

Born about 1840, of mixed Nez Perce and Cayuse blood, he was given the name Joseph by the missionary Henry Spalding.  His Nez Perce...

“Plenty Coup” Marianne Millar

Marianne Millar  "Plenty Coup" Once part of the Hidatsa tribe, the Crow Indians generally lived from the headwaters of the Yellowstone River to the eastern...

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