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“Gone Fishin'” Kelly Singleton

  “While on a trip to San Diego, I observed this snowy egret hunting for fish in shallow water. The egret repeatedly shook one golden...

“Autumn In The Air” Trevor Swanson

  (Click image to enlarge) “Autumn In The Air” Trevor Swanson Oil   16″ x 20″ $4,750 Read additional information about Trevor Swanson.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email...

“Afternoon Shadows” Stephen Elliott

    “Afternoon Shadows” Stephen Elliott Oil   36″ x 48″ $8,500 (Click images to enlarge)   Read additional information about Stephen Elliott.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email us  

“Mountain Monarchs” Wayne Wolfe

    “Mountain Monarchs” Wayne Wolfe Oil   36″ x 52″ $27,500 (Click images to enlarge)   Read additional information about Wayne Wolfe.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email us  

“Checking The Wind” Mary Ross Buchholz

    “Checking The Wind” Mary Ross Buchholz Pencil   11″ x 14″ $1,350 (Click image to enlarge)     Read additional information about Mary Ross Buchholz.   Interested in this drawing, call us 800-958-5360 or...

“Sandpipers” Elizabeth Sandia

  "Sandpipers" Elizabeth Sandia Pastel   9" x 15"     $1,350 (Click images to enlarge)     Read additional information about Elizabeth Sandia.   Interested in this painting, call us 800-958-5360 or email...

“Ravens Of Windmill Ridge” Elizabeth Sandia

  "Ravens Of Windmill Ridge" Elizabeth Sandia Pastel   6 1/2" x 8"     $500 (Click images to enlarge)     Read additional information about Elizabeth Sandia.   Interested in this painting,...

“Midnight Loon” Robert Peters

  “The Common Loon has one of the most legendary calls in all of the animal kingdom.  And after encountering a loon at Yellowstone Lake one...

“Lapin 40” Marina Dieul

  "Lapin 40" "This painting was born from the idea of associating roses and a bunny. I had painted several rabbits peeking through a hole on...

“Historie de Lapin” Marina Dieul

  "Histoire de lapin" "With this study of a rabbit I wanted to convey a sens of the thickness and softness of the fur as well...

“Sentinelles” Marina Dieul

“I was delivering a painting to a collector in Italy. Totally by chance, while we were discussing animals, I mentioned that I wanted to...

Stephen Elliott

Stephen Elliott biography: Becoming an artist was not a childhood aspiration of Steve Elliott's, but rather an evolution. Throughout his childhood, Elliott was exposed to all...

“Felis Concolor” Jim Morgan

“A young tom mountain lion, constantly wandering, explores the snow and lichen covered cliffs of his hunting territory. Starting to hunt at last rays...

“Out Of The Blue” Jim Morgan

“On an early March morning, I was on a walkabout on the ice and frozen mud of an alkali marsh. I was startled by...

Bob Kuhn (1920-2007)

Bob Kuhn biography: Bob Kuhn (1920-2007) Robert Kuhn was born in Buffalo, New York in 1920, and was educated at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New...

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