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Born and raised in the Chicago area, Carolyn Anderson is a painter in abstract-realist styles whose brushstroke placement appears to be random but obviously is not when one stands back from her work.  She says that “if you have a sense of where you want to go, but you aren’t really sure, the painting itself becomes an adventure and a lot of viewers will respond to that excitement.” Her focus, characteristic of impressionists, is to capture a moment in time.

Anderson lives near Havre in the Big Sky Country of Montana. Most of her portrait, still life and figure canvases are small in size, which is a marked contrast to her physical surroundings of vast open plains with clear skies. Of her work, it is written that “Just as the Montana landscape opens up, so do the possibilities.”

She is an active workshop teacher, doing about eight workshops a year.  To her students she emphasizes drawing “where you see an edge” and starting with “what catches your eye” and not the obvious outline.  She says the reality of what she sees may not be the most obvious visual component

Although she wanted to attend the Art Institute in Chicago, Carolyn Anderson studied at Illinois State University to satisfy her parents who insisted that she have a “practical” degree “in order to earn a decent living”. Then, in the early 1970s, she joined VISTA, which was the Volunteers in Service to America, and was sent to the Rocky Boys Indian Reservation in Montana.   And twenty-five years later, she returned to that state to live.  Of not being able to attend the Art Institute, she said: “things have a way of working out”.

She has been a long-time participant in the C.M. Russell Auction and is a member of the Western Academy of Women Artists and the American Women Artists.



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Carolyn Anderson Playtime II girls playing games figure figurative oil painting

“Playtime II”
Carolyn Anderson
Oil  9″ x 12″    


Carolyn Anderson Fruit And Flowers stillife still life floral impressionistic oil painting

“Fruit & Flowers”
Carolyn Anderson
Oil  9″ x 12″    


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