R.A. Heichberger (born February 22nd)

Artist and outdoor enthusiast, R.A. “Dick” Heichberger was born on this day in Eden, New York. At an early age, Dick was drawn to the beauty of his rural surroundings. While in elementary school, he attended an Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Fine Art, where he became interested in art. During his formative years, Dick developed his interest in the American Indian. He and his father hiked the eastern mountains in search of arrowheads and other artifacts of the Mohawk, Iriquois and Allegheny tribes that once has populated that area. After high school graduation, Heichberger attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Technical Institute.

In 1965, Dick was called to server his country in the Marine Corps putting a temporary hold on his art career. His time in the service instilled hard work and discipline that would greatly benefit his art career. After receiving his honorable discharge form the Corps, Heichberger settled in Orange County, California where he continued honing his techniques while working full time. During this period he also attended and graduated from Santa Ana College with an associate degree in wildlife management. As a single parent, he imparted his love of the outdoors to his daughter.

Heichberger spent a number of years living and working in Big Bear, California. This area reminded him so much of his beloved mountains of upstate New York. While pursuing his art career, he spent time teaching at a Junior college and working for Disney, Bear Animation, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios and Landmark Entertainment.

For over 30 years, Dick Heichberger has been creating fine art and is able to devote his full time to developing the landscapes, Native American encampments and wildlife subjects that inspire him. His inspiration comes from the beauty of the landscapes and wildlife of the desert and canyons of Arizona and the mountains of California, Wyoming and Colorado. Dick has experienced the life he paints. In his work is found a unique harmony and simplicity of subject matter. One is left with a feeling of peace and beauty.

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