daniel gerhartz before the sun sets figurative oil painting figure woman
Daniel Gerhartz "Before The Sun Sets" oil 40" x 30"

“Before The Sun Sets”, a beautiful impressionistic figurative oil painting by Daniel Gerhartz is the cover image of July/August 2018 issue of Art Of The West magazine. The model for Dan’s painting is his daughter, Sophia. Mr. Gerhartz’s in-depth feature article, “The Secret Sauce”, includes many large images of his signature artwork. Also included in this publication are views of the artistic lives of Jim Wilcox, Shawn Cameron, Jie Wei Zhou and Tom Lockhart. Vicki Stavig’s “Three Dimensional Delights” shares insights into the sculptural talents of Jane DeDecker, Heather Kaiser, Curt Mattson, Jerry McKellar and Dustin Payne. Once again, we feel it is important to read Bill Frazier’s “Law And The Art World” column. You will find his article at the back of the publication. For more information, or to subscribe, visit Art Of The West website.


art of the west magazine daniel gerhartz figurative western figure cowboy native american indian cover image
Art Of The West cover July/August 2018


Bill Anton featured on May/June 2018 issue.
Kyle Polzin featured on March/April 2018 issue.



Photos courtesy of Art Of The West magazine.

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