Marina Dieul Lapin 40 rabbit bunny oil painting wildlife


Marina Dieul biography

Marina Dieul, born in France, showed great interest in painting and drawing from an early age. Her family encouraged her to pursue her artistic talents. In early 2000, she moved to Canada, where she now lives. Her work has received numerous awards and honors, including the Kingston Prize, the Portrait Society of Canada, the Artist Magazine, and International Artist Magazine, among others.

marina Dieul artist art studio squirrel
Marina Dieul in studio with squirrel

She won the William Bouguereau Best of Show Award, and first place in the drawing category at the Art Renewal Center Salon, the Best of Show in the “Inspiring Figures” exhibition (Butler Institute of American Art) and two Awards of Exceptional merit at the Portrait Society of America’s international competitions. She has been selected as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.

Marina Dieul is known for her animals and figures paintings in trompe-l’oeil style, full of humor and poetry.  She lives surrounded by the many cats she fosters for a no-kill shelter in Montreal.

Past and current memberships include the Portrait Society of Canada, the Portrait Society of America, Cecilia Beaux Forum (PSoA), the International Guild of Realism and Mondial Art Academia.


Available paintings:

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Marina Dieul Lapin rabbit bunny oil painting wildlife

“Lapin 40”
Marina Dieul
Oil   12″ x 12″

See additional information about “Lapin 40”.



Marina Dieul Historie de Lapin rabbit bunny oil painting wildlife

“Historie de Lapin”
Marina Dieul
Oil   6″ x 8″

See additional information about “Historie de Lapin”.



marina dieul dentinelles sentinels bat bugs insect oil painting

Marina Dieul
Oil on 19th century lithography,  8″ x 10″

See additional information about “Sentinelles”.


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Sold paintings:

Marina Dieul Juste Un Petit Souci mouse mice rat oil painting wildlife











“Juste Un Petit Souci”
Marina Dieul
Oil   6″ x 8″


Marina Dieul L'appel du Large mouse ocean sea beach oil painting











“L’appel du Large”
(The Call of the Sea)
Marina Dieul
Oil   10″ x 10″


Marina Dieul featured publications:

marina dieul magazine article studio artist art

marina dieul fine art connoisseur magazine cover
Marina Dieul magazine cover


marina dieul epoch times newspaper article art artist











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