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Sherrie McGraw biography:

Sherrie McGraw was born in Wichita, Kansas and grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma. She studied both in college and privately for five years until her passion to learn more took her far from the Southwest. At the world-famous Art Students League of New York, her early interest in becoming an artist came to fruition with instructor David A. Leffel.

In the tradition of Rembrandt, McGraw’s interest in the chiaroscuro way of seeing is evident in her work. Light is seen brilliantly illuminated against rich backgrounds, the subject painted with lush brush strokes and rich color.

Hovsep Pushman and Walter Murch have also heavily influenced McGraw. “I am sympathetic to Titian who thought at age 60 that he was just beginning to learn to paint. It takes time to develop technically and artistically before what is possible can even be understood.”

Following is a quote from a recent article on McGraw in “Art Talk”: “The art world’s ageless argument about whether an artist is born or created continues to rage…I personally have come to the conclusion that at least in her case an artist is most definitely born.”



Sherrie McGraw Larkspur & Crabapples traditional European stillife still life oil painting fruit flowers

“Larkspur & Crabapples”
Sherrie McGraw
Oil   11″ x 14″

See additional information about “Larkspur & Crabapples”.


Sherry McGraw Bittersweet flower Chinese vase still life stillife oil painting

Sherrie McGraw
Oil   9″ x 12″


Sherrie McGraw still life stillife fruit flowers oil painting sold

“Still Life”
Sherrie McGraw
Oil   8″ x 13″



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