daniel gerhartz breaking away woman girl ocean seaside sea beach figure figurative oil painting
Daniel Gerhartz "Breaking Away" oil 30" x 20" $13,000

“As I worked with this model in developing the composition, I was struck by how telling the elements represented in a small way the ethos of a teenager beginning to set out into the world. In this young woman, I witnessed that while she stood at water’s edge contemplating risk and adventure, she was poised and confident by faith and family, represented by the security of the warming sun on her back and the presence of the lighthouse to guide her.”   Daniel Gerhartz


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“Breaking Away”
Daniel Gerhartz
Oil   30″ x 20″

daniel gerhartz breaking away figure figurative oil painting girl ocean impressionistic

daniel gerhartz breaking away signature oil painting


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daniel gerhartz painting on location ocean artist easel oil painting
Daniel Gerhartz painting on location












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